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Hi i am a 50 year old Hot rodder Who put this on hold for 26 years to Have a house Wife and 3 kids. I sold my last 66 Biscayne 427 for 1500.00 back in 1978. I am still sick over this!!!!!
I want to Build a low cost small Block gasser style. I am looking at falcon Body's now. Seems like i can get a clean one for 1000.00 to 2000.00 . Forget the Chevy novas prices are out of control.
Anyway My plain calls for a low buck straight ax. and a 9" Rear. I would find a old 289 with a C4. I would add some fender well Headers , an old sun tach. some low cost seats and a quick simple white paint job. I would run steel wheels ect. This project would be simple, clean and cost around 5000.00. I would end up with a early 60's gasser look hot Rod. PS where can I get a straight ax for a falcon. ecnoline??? Bill On Long Island:
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