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I hope I have this in the proper forum.

I bought an 2.5 Subaru engine yesterday. It came out of an 04 or 05 Subie as it has variable cam timing. The intake came off some thing possible later as my pal pointed out it has newer throttle body electrics. It needs a crank and probably a couple of rods and some accessories like a starter and altenator.

Throttle body electrics? That's not a term or terms I grew up with. This motor has more wires on it than a 1965 IBM computer. I have no clue how varaible cam timing works. But, it'll be a learning experience.

I think this engine could make an interesting powerplant for a street rod. My initial interest was for use in a homebuilt helicopter, but I need to finish my car project before getting too far off course.

This certainly isn't an exotic engine, just different and therefore appealing.
Honest Indian, I paid twenty bucks for the whole thing. And, since I'm a Certified Master Disassembler, it won't hurt too bad if I fail.

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Do you plan on using an ECM or trying to go it w/o? The variable cam schemes I've seen on the newer engines involve hydraulics controlled by the ECM.

Your engine is a bit too new to be in the local pick-a-part 'yard, but maybe fleabay would have a computer for it...

Anyway, sounds interesting to me!

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