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lt-1 and ls-1

I work at Carolina Rod Shop and those are the 2 main engines that we work with. There are alot of differences between them. Basically the only thing that is the same is that they will bolt up in the same location as a lt-1 providing you have the proper mounts. And you can bolt up a 700R4 or a Turbo 350 to this engine. We don't do much of the manual transmission swaps, So I couldn't tell you if an old M21 or M22 will bolt up to an LS-1. If you want to run anything other than the stock compressor/Alt/PS pump , You have to go with aftermarket brackets ($$$) The headers that you are used to will be a slight problem. The LS-1 doesn't have the siamese ports in the center of the head like the LT-1. (By the way the intake doesn't have siamese ports as well and measure 209cc runners) And last...The LS-1 has a unique alum block and oil pan. The pan is integral in the block design and includes the oil pickup for the pump.
As far as the info I listed. These are problems the we have come across while installing the LS-1. Oh I almost forgot....The LS-1 doesn't have a return line in the fuel rail. We use a special fuel filter that has a return line built in. So if you swap a LT-1 for a LS-1 you can get this filter from us so that the fuel lines won't be a problem.
Check out this link... We are building the website ourselves so be patient. Some of the store links don't work but we have lots of pics there. Good Luck with your project!!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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