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WHats up seen this on Craigslist, I'm looking for something to practice and just install my driver floor pan... Is it worth it and what should be my main worries, comes with a full bottle

That welder is made by Miller and distributed thru MAC tools. I would say that is a heck of a deal. We have been using a few of those at the shop where I work for the past 10 years or so every day and they are GREAT tools. Every part is available new from Miller if you need anything, that is a killer welder from the experience I have when them. My personal one in the shop was well cared for (I'm a little anal about this stuff) and it was like new when I handed it off to another guy a few years ago and he is still using it on a regular basis.


Here's a Miller on ebay. It's at $360, that on on craigslist is a KILLER deal! Be ready though that tank may not be the guys who is selling the welder, they are often rented and not sold. So it could be owned by a welding supply company. I don't know what to look for on it, but if there is a company name on it like "AirGas" or something like that, it could be owned by that company.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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