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Machine shops a Dying breed

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Does anyone care that most Mom and Pop Machine shops are disappearing?

Las Vegas has lost many in the last few years, No one is taking over for these Old timers Sad really.

I am not looking forward to the day when I need something machined and have to ship my stuff hope I never see that day.
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And this is why machine shops are a dying breed. No one wants to build their own motors. They just want a turn key solution that they drop in. Makes it tough for those of us what to do our own to find competent machining.
I talk to guys/gals that want their "build" done as fast as possible. The will pay double to get an engine, trans, etc if it helps the project move faster. If I recall correctly, it took Jasper 6 months to build the IH engine, and this guy went to them for the perceived quality and guarantee, price was not a factor.
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