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My local machine shop of choice was run by a aging man in his 70's. It was a small shop and one man show. He had more work than he could possibly handle. Sometimes it took six months to get my heads or blocks back. It was however high quality work, never a comeback. Unfortunatly he had multiple strokes and closed up the shop. Very sad, he was a good guy.
When he was open, due to some customers thinking he was a storage site for their engine parts, he implimented a 90 day pick up / payment after notice of completion of work. If you did not pay and pick up your stuff, after 90 days he owned it and sold it to recover his costs. This worked very well.
One of the biggest issues is that the older machine shop guys had so much experience and knowledge and they are retireing and dying off. This leaves a gap in finding a reliable shop that does quality work.
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