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Machine shops a Dying breed

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Does anyone care that most Mom and Pop Machine shops are disappearing?

Las Vegas has lost many in the last few years, No one is taking over for these Old timers Sad really.

I am not looking forward to the day when I need something machined and have to ship my stuff hope I never see that day.
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I have to make an 7 to 8 hour round trip to get my part"s to a machine shop where I trust their work.
The local shop's that were any good have went out of business and the other one's can't do half way decent work.
I took my block to a well known race shop in Norman Oklahoma and they told me I needed a new block because the guy could not get the block plug's out.
I got it home and had all the plug's out in 20 minute's.
The mechine shop I use now is a one man operation but he does excellent work if you don't mind getting in line because he is snowed under all the time.
The bad thing is he can't find any younger guy's who want to work [and learn] so when he retire's I don't know what I will do for good work.
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