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Machine shops a Dying breed

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Does anyone care that most Mom and Pop Machine shops are disappearing?

Las Vegas has lost many in the last few years, No one is taking over for these Old timers Sad really.

I am not looking forward to the day when I need something machined and have to ship my stuff hope I never see that day.
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Had to drive 4 hours one way to get to a shop that would use a torque plate on my last engine. Called about a dozen shops and nobody would do it. Most didn't even have one. Local shop flat refuses to use one even though he has the tool. Claims it takes too much time and nobody will pay for it. I said I would pay for the extra time, but then he said you don't need it. I commented that even if that was so, I was paying for it so what did it matter to him. Then he said "Ain't got time to fool with that crap". Soooo, it was time for a long drive.

Local guy is the only machine shop around here. The few times I've used him, it literally took many months to get my parts back.

The shop I used for the torque plate job was ran by an older gentleman that was training his grandson to do the work. The grandson took my job, listened to what I wanted and then did the work with his grandfathers oversight. Shop appeared to be well equipped, too. Even had a 5 axis mill for head porting. Yes it cost more to use the torque plate, but I paid for it with no questions. Got my parts back in about 2 weeks and they were great. Zero decked and bored like I wanted. I'll use him again if he stays in business.

There may be some hope for the future, but the shops will be few and far between.
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