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Machine shops a Dying breed

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Does anyone care that most Mom and Pop Machine shops are disappearing?

Las Vegas has lost many in the last few years, No one is taking over for these Old timers Sad really.

I am not looking forward to the day when I need something machined and have to ship my stuff hope I never see that day.
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I don't know about the state of the industry though My Machinist has no shortage of work or customers but yet cant keep people and Like I tell him charge more pay people better give more benefits and he says people wont pay and he has a hard time collecting on parts now as people don't pay on time he sits on stuff for months to years taking up floor space he doesn't have.

People definitely wouldn't like the place if I ran it good work or not !
Works done on time Pay your bill on time pick your junk up on time! MOM and Pop cant afford the BS!
You probably hit the nail on the head here. Being a good machinist, but a poor business model. Charge more, big deposit, scrap it in a few weeks and pay the help better with benefits
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