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Machinists/engine a queston..about your product

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I know a fella in the market for a 393 or a 408 ford 351w stroker shortblock....393 would work fine.

What kinda price would you build it for?

No core, you supply the 351w F4TE roller block.


New crank
I beam rods
forged pistons
arp bolts
max .030 overbore
quality bearings
aftermaket roller cam
roller timing chain
assembled out the door

Lemme know I will pass it on. Thanks
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hmmm, have you checked ebay? Got my 388 assembled, ballanced, 4 bolt block for like 700 bux man. Its tought o beat guys who need cash fast!

Sure have and nothing that seemed legit came up.

$700 thats reason why I hate ford products...cost too darn much for what your really getting...especially when its anything past a 302 your working on. Thanks for the reply
As previously suggested it doesn't have to be a roller block and a 393 with forged pistons and I beam rods would do the trick. lemme know
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