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just wanted to post this incase anyone else has the prob.
for over a year i have had instable ignition problems with a 95 dodge ram. ignition breakdown underload is the best way to describe it. after changing everything over and over and installing a msd 6a \ superconductor wires\ blaster coil \ mopar performance cpu \ ford racing inj.\ ect ect i finally figure out the prob - the 2 pin connector to the coil and the 2 pins on the coil were melting and crossfiring ect. i chopped the connector and pulled the coil took two 6 inch wires from a stero connector and soldered them to the coil pins then filled in between them iwth plastic and filled with hot glue after that.

ps if you have spark knock on this engine try a range hotter plug. worked for me.

(picture coming)

note : dont use hot glue. thats what i use the first time and evntually the msd put enough heat to it and it started dripping ,
find a plastic to melt :cool:
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