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Okay, the 89 Formula I just bought, the gagues dont work....yeah, i could probably fix them and get them to work, but wheres the fun in that? I orderd:

Fuel level
oil pressure/water temp/amps

and I want to do something like this:

But....since I didnt get the 5" tach/speedometer, i'd like to do it different....
thinking that i'll just take a sheet of plastic (dunno where i'll buy it, any suggestions?) and cut out where the gagues are and put the plastic in place....ya know? Any suggestions on doing this/where to get the plastic/how to secure it all?

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That should look pretty cool, Chris. I'm doing something similar that might give you some ideas. I plan to do the gauge layout on my computer in a CAD program, and then take the CAD file to the local laser cutters and have it cut out of stainless steel. There are a lot of different treatments you could give to the steel - brushed, polished, painted, etc.

The benefit to doing it in steel is that you can build any mounting flanges you might need into the design so your fasteners would be hidden.

Good luck!
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