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Master Cylinder system

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I've got a firewall mounted dual m/c but I'm having a bit of newbie trouble with the rod and pedal. The one I took off that was bad seemed to have no place to insert the push rod (or whatever the term is) which makes me wonder if it was strictly meant to be attached to a booster? The new one has a hole in the piston but I'm having trouble understanding what type of push rod to buy for it. The current one was cut up to fit the short distance between pedal and m/c and was dangerously easy to disengage and fall out.

The hole in the piston looks smooth and rounded at the end. I've seen rods that are similar in shape and solid all the way along the rod, and then others seem to have either some sort of snap ring or seal located in a cut out at the end of the rod where it would meet the m/c. (the former being much more prevalent in stores and online)

I'm assuming I use the former rather than the latter, but I would love to get some help here.
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Ben, can you give us a picture or two? There is a bunch of different M/C and some have an insert for manual and some have a deep socket. Also give us the application (vehicle) and type of brakes (disc and or drum) which will help in recommending a M/C.
It's kind of difficult to provide a useful answer without more info and photos.
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