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So a while back, my son put the new FG nose of his "hot-rod" Rx7 Turbo (no pistons but tons of HP), under the tailend of a Pickup. Radically crunched the Right side. I have most of the original pieces but am wondering if there is some way to get a better match of the repaired side to the good side. Lots of Bondo in this repair so that I can make a Mold to then make a new Nose.

I don't want to do this by "eye". Any tricks to making some type of Reverse mold of the good left side and then transferring it to the bad right side. (Keeping in mind that I don't want two "left sides"). Thinking of some type of mold release with Spray Foam to make a mold, but that will still only get me a mold of the good, left side. I am using a Woodworking Shape Comformer Pin tool but I am still not getting close.

So any ideas how the Pro's make one side of their "clay" cars, look like the other?

Thanks, Bob
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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