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Max power

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I was given in trade a set of good used 462 castings. I haven't really played around with these castings that much in the past. I'm looking for people with experiance using these heads. How much power can be made with out porting? Maybe with porting I'm expecting around an additional 50 horsepower. I like the port configuration and chamber shape but I see where they are lacking. These were rebuilt around 5000 miles ago so a new valve job won't be needed even though I will work then over some with relapping, screw in studs and plates with a basic 1 hour bowl jobber. With compression around 11.0 I expect about [email protected]

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using 462 casting heads


Rat Rods Rule!
Thanks Tim but i was looking for more of a difenitive answer. For example;

Through various head block cam combo's used in circle tracking I know a Brodix 15' head can support 900 horse on methanol, a Track 1 can make about 600 on alky, a Sportsman 2 can make around 500 on alky, and so on. Perhaps didn't ask the right question. What's the most power that a 462 can make, gas or otherwise? I know it's a very generic question so exact numbers aren't needed. Just idea's.

I need to make at least 550 on alky or gas with a 13-14:1 compression and at or near 450 torque at less than 6800rpm. I'm sure it can be done but there is a budget of 800 in these heads. Rules dictate what we can do here without porting or chamber shape mods but they don't specify angle milling. so a 0 deck block and steel shim with .100 dome and angle milled .180 should get me there, if the heads can go that far without breaking.

BTW, you can run quench as tight as .20 with Dyers rods. They don't stretch like a near stock rod.
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