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I need a 1/2" fan spacer for this weekend. Anyone know what vehicle came stock with a 1/2" spacer?

Ford GM and Mopar are all the same pattern but none of the parts houses know what vehicle to look up to find the 1/2" one...

I can order aftermarket but can't get it til next weekend and I need it for Sat. Nite racing.

Thanx in advance


P.S. any creative ways to build a 1/2" spacer... I'm spinning over 6000 rpm so it has to be dead center and tight. NO WASHER jerry rigs!

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about 76 or 77 and older alot of the trucks were solid fan no clutch and had this spacer i have some around still also.,

look for the older trucks
73-76 or so

possibly some 69-72 might have the larger pulley pattern spacer as well, but these years were still short water pump on the trucks and usually were the smaller bolt pattern hub

some of these small pumps had dual patterns on the hub

junkyard hunting or ebay

have fun
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