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I've searched this forum and googled but can't find a good answer about which products to use after color sanding. The paint is enamel with hardener. I plan to wait a month before I color sand with 800---1000---1500---2000. I have access to Meguires 1 2 3 5 6 7 and 9 but am unsure of which product to use and what to apply it with. I have a foam bad that came with my 7" rotary sander/polisher. Would a polishing bonnet be a good applicator? I also have access to wool bonnets. Here is a pic of the car as it sits. It has some mild orange peel in places and about 10 areas with small drips. Thanks in advance.


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For color sanding and buffing use the professional line of compounds and polishes..
Depending on how flat you want the surface, you may be able to get away with only going with 1000 as slick as it looks in the photo's.. but then again, if it has wave in it you may want to go more coarse.. I cant speak of AE paints and wave as I have not sprayed them but a few times..

Anyways sand it to the final grit of your choice, I would go at least 2000 if doing it by hand, then..
1. Diamond cut compound with wool pad or Marron W7000 foam pad
2. Dual Action Cleaner Polish with yelllow W8000 foam pad
3. Speed Glaze with W 8000 or W9000 foam pad
4. Hand Polish, of course by hand

You will need to also clean between each step with a 50/50 mix of alcohol and water or you can use wax and grease remover to pull out any glazes that are in the product that may be hiding sand scratches etc..

Do you have access to such?? Where are you located?? If you are in the states you can get anything online from any company.. Would be easier to use a one step product like System One X3 compound/Polish or Nortons Liquid Ice Compound/Polish.. Here u are using the same compound/polish and using different pads to get the finish.. If you are just doing one car, its a cheaper and easier route IMO
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