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Melting Wires, Please Help!!!

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Hello All,

I recently purchased a 69 Ford Bronco. The PO must have been some kind of wizzard, because I have no idea how this thing was running before I bought it. Anyways....

I just replaced many parts and now my lead wire to my altenator melts as soon as I crank it, and drains the battery immediately.

I just installed the Edelbrock 600 w/ elect. choke, Performer intake, flame thrower coil, 8mm wires, plugs, roller rockers, push rods, valve covers, voltage reg., and starter solinoid.

I changed nothing on the wiring but moved the ground wire from the battery and the ground wire from the starter solinoid from going to the block, to directly to the frame. Should this have affected anything???

I really need help with this. So, thank you to whomever responds. Thank you!

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Im not familiar with ford starters, but chevy starters dont have a ground wire. They have a wire thats black, and looks like it could be a ground wire, but its really the ignition turn-on wire. The starter is grounded to the block. And you should have at least a 8 gauge wire grounded from the battery to the block.
I like to run the ground cable from the batt to the engine, then a small ground cable from the back of each head to the body. and the same kind from the body to the frame. If there is a pigtail on the batt end of the ground cable, I run it to the frame and a ground terminal on the core support.

A good ground is important for the engine to start and run right, and every thing to work like it is supposed to.

I've never seen a ground wire on a starter that I can remember.

If you are melting wires, you have a pretty serious short somewhere.
ground wire from the starter solinoid from going to the block, to directly to the frame
Im pretty sure thats your problem.

Doc here :pimp:

Does it Crank, start and run with the alternator Unhooked?

If so, your Alternator is Shorted out. Try it without the Alternator hooked up.

There are NO wires Going from the Starter terminals To Ground at all... It should be one HOT large Cable on a Ford (about 1/0 in gauge) Going up to the Fender Mounted Solenoid.

If you grounded that wire, not only will the starter not work, but when you hit "Start" on the Key, and the solenoid engages, you will have about an instantaneous 600 amp short to ground..

There Can Be an Extra Ground, from the Starter Case area or surrounding Block area for extra Bonding. This will go from Case Ground on the starter To the Battery or Frame only, NOT the terminal on the starter!!

Check those out, I think you'll Find your problem.

If after you correct it and No Electrical works, like lights radio, etc..Look for a fusible link blown..In fact, I surprised it hasn't let loose yet under the burning wires.

Doc :pimp:
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Cool, Thanks everyone for your help. I checked it out last night, and the PO never put a ground strap on the motor! I'll try that first tonight, hopefully all will work well! Pictures will be on the way if I can get the thing out of my garage! Thaks again, If it isn't the ground strap and a thicker gauge wire, then I'll be submitiing another thread!

Very Grateful,

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