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My Previous owner grafted a mid 70s firebird subframe to the original 1950 chevy coupe frame, and I've got a few questions before my xmas break week long fab fest :)

I'm going to double check his alignment of the frames and try to set ride height. My ultimate goal is air bags for it, so maby the frame 2" off the ground bottomed out.

What would the normal ride height be for the bird? Even with the engine (350 poncho) and trans in the car and 2 guys standing on the frame, the front suspension is still topped out :confused: Maby it's got big block springs, but the suspension looks like it hasn't been taken apart in years. I'm thinking of pulling the springs out and fabing some blocks to hold it at the proper height, but I can't find how to measure that besides just putting it between the bump stops.

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