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I need to know what vehicles I can get an intake with a carburator for a 2.3 litre Mustang engine, so I can replace the fuel injection. Also I will be racing at a 1/3 mile paved oval, and need to know what spring combo I should start with.

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Been awhile

i would look around for late 70"s ranger, mustang, pinto cars that used that engine..I forgot exactly when ford went to FI on those things shoudl be able to find a carb manifold..Some of your local wrecking yards may have some of those things around..Swap meets can be a good source..just ask around..

On your springs invest in a spring rate are goona need it to tune a suspension..Hopefully you have coils all the way around as these are a bunch easier to tune IMHO..

are you running dirt or pavement..makes a diference in style..dunno that either..soooo hard to guess just what you need...

On a 4 coil car you can try to start with LF=600, RF=700, LR=200 RR=175 that may be a real stiff setup for your car..if it is then back it down about 50 lbs per spring all the way around and try that..Try and run the softest springs that will work..too stiff a setup and the car will skate on you..

Now anyone who is a serious circel tracker is going to wind up with a pile of springs of various rates..we put in different springs for each track we run on to get the best results so keep a good notebook on your setups..

sway bars shoudl be adjustable so you can tune in the oversteer/understeer make it tight or loose as needed..

Shocks are a whole nuther thing as these need to be tuned as well..LF=76 RF=75 LR=96 RR=94

First year out will be a real steep learning curve..plan on chancing things until you can go high or low anywhere you need to go..The setup I have given is for a pavement car and your results may or may not be good..

just make the engine run in a reliable manner as we have plenty to learn about in the handling category..when the handling is right then go for the engine dept..

Takes a lot of study to get one of these things up front so I expect that you will spending some time hitting the books..

Run up front :thumbup:

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