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Here's a the mis-information a coworker delivered to a friend this mornin:

-You can't put water on your car's engine because it will get into the spark plugs, and short them out.

-You can put water on your air filter, because the holes in air filters are small enough to let air by, but not water molecules.

-Putting a down payment on a car is a waste, because you'll never get a return on it. Especially new cars. But don't pay extra for gap insurance.

-Supercharged cars make more power above 4000RPM, when the supercharger kicks in.

-Wait 6 months to buy a new TV. Plasma, LCD, and DLP are still waging a format war. In 6 months it will be settled, and only 1 technology will be offered.

my thoughts:
if the plug wires suck you'll short em out yea and it'll cause a miss.

hahahahahaha try it with your civic!

meh... I buy used. Warranty is already dead.

yup... SC's are for your ears only. Here's your sign.

I dunno about one technonogy, but prices will keep going down. You can buy a cheap portable cd player for $20 these days new.
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