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I am going to lower my 1980 Monte Carlo. I found used Belltech spindles on ebay for the front. Used is good not only because they're cheaper, the other problem there is is that in my country such modifications as lowering need the approval of the officials. You'd have to go to a technical control and bring documents which state that the parts you used are suitable for your car and that they're safe to use. I think Belltech will not be interested in writing such documents for me so I won't be able to go that way. Yes hot rodding is not made easy over here... But because g-bodies are not popular cars in Switzerland these days (though Malibus used to be a common sight but scarce now) I hope that nobody will notice the car's been lowered at all and get away with it. Therefore using new shiny parts is not a good idea.

Now I wonder how to lower the rear axle. As I have read many times cutting original springs is a definitive no-no, but for the reason mentioned above I can also not buy new aftermarket springs, if they're red yellow purple or whatever color such springs sometimes have the mess would be perfect.

One possibility would probably be to use original springs from another car which fit and are shorter from the factory. But how to find out which car's springs would fit and have the right length? And does anybody have another suggestion? Thanks folks!

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