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ho ho do you have one? ill buy it from you (j/j). im not positive but ill tell you what i know. i think they fit the 426 max wedge motors (simmilar to a standard bb mopar 383,413,440 , but w/quite different heads). there 2 different types, the close opposed later years intake and the wild, long, pipe-looking, sticking out over the engine earlyer ones. both are HIGHLY valueable. ive seen the long ones go for $1500 and the close ones go for about the same, maybe less depending on year, type etc. a while ago, a never used maganezum close crossram, the later year one, went on ebay (extremely rare because of maganezum). started at $2000 and ended at >$6000! you should look in to it of corse. those numbers you listed mean something and the value could flux greatly depending on a few or one digit. i gave you extreme prices so you can prob get or sell one for less, like later crossram for like 500 or so. the long ones are a different story. ask some guys on a distinct mopar site, they can help you out more.

dave h
chevy is the "heartbeat" eh? well then mopar is know.
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