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Most durable material for interior??

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I have finished my 1930 Model A with the exception of the interior. I would like to know what is the most durable material I can use, also the 2nd and 3rd most durable in case I can't aford the best. My plan is to use the same material on the seats the doors, side panels, and headliner. Also, is one type of carpet better than another?
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kristkustoms is the man to answer this for sure, HotRodMan. But I would say quality is as quality does : Leather = #1, naugahyde = #2 (quality generally = price in either category) ... tweeds and heavier fabrics = #3.

I believe berber carpet is the best ... cut pile would be my choice.

Alan Horvath
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It just so happens that I sell interior products - primarily to the aviation upholstery industry, but also to many auto interior shops.
I agree with Horvath and his sequencing of interior products. However, there are many grades of each of those products. There are some very cheap grades of each and also some 'high end' for each.
As an example, there are some vinyls sold for less than $5 per lineal yard and there are some that are more like synthetic leather which can excede $50 per yard. With carpet, there is not only the type of construction (cut-pile, berber loop, loop pile, etc.)but also the actual material(wool, synthetic blends, etc.)
Generally speaking, you do get what you pay for, but some are more practical for specific applications.
Agree as above- go to an upholstery shop that caters to automotive restorers/customizers and have a look- you'll end up spending more than you want but you'll be happier than if you went to your typical women's wear fabric shop.
WHERE do I go shopping? How do I find the right suppliers? What category in the Yellow Pages? All I'm familiar with are fabric shops that supply stuff for the home, like drapes, etc. - and I know that ain't the place to shop ... but I've haven't shopped for auto upholstery stuff yet and I don't know where to begin looking.

Alan Horvath
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40'Tudor.......You sell for Douglass correct? I have used your Columbia vinyl, i was very happy with it.

And 40'Tudor is right, there are many different qualities of Leather, Vinyl, Carpet and so on. Stay on the high end of everything, and you will have your quality. Perfect example, go to Office Depot and feel the "Genuine Leather" on a $79 office chair and go to a furniture store and feel the leather on a $1500 chair. Its a night and day different. But furniture leather generally isnt used for automotive use. A different dye process is used...

A good quality leather will last you for years and years. A good quality vinyl will do the same. UltraLeather is very soft leather alternative, and it is pretty durable. UltraSuede is also very durable, but not UV resistant. As far as carpet, Wilton 1 wool is a very durable carpet, and very good looking. I could go on for ever about different materials and what I have tried and what I like and what I dont like, and why I dont like each of them. Or what works well for different situations....

Remember, you need to take care of your materials like you take care of your paint job. You wax your car, you should use a leather conditioner for your interior...
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