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Was just down in my shop thinking to myself at what next piece of equipment I should buy next (just picked up a chop saw today) and ideas are getting harder as the years roll on. Here is what I got now:

Drill Press
Chop Saw
Mig Welder
Arc Welder
Battery Charger
Chain Blocks
Bench Grinder
Hydrolic Jacks
Jack Stands
Engine Stand
2 Rolls Cab And 2 Top Boxes Full Of Hand Tools

Was thinking about a power washer or parts washer in time

Whats in your garage?

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The plasma cutter is a good idea. Another tool I added a while back is a 20 ton shop press. I don't use it a lot but, when you need it, there is just no good substitute. Watch the Harbor Freight sales and you don't have to spend a whole lot for one.
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Plasma cutter 120/240 volt
Mill Drill Lathe
Bench Grinder
AD/DC Gas powered arc/welder/ generator/
Mig Welder
Cordless Drill 14 volt +
Uni -Bits
Die Grinder
4 ½" Disc Grinder
Battery Charger
Torch Set
Engine Hoist
6" Vice
7Hp/ 60 Gal. Air Compressor
Tool Box & tools
Port-A-Band Saw
Saws -All
Any tool that has an air hose or electric cord
Paint Spray guns
DA Sander/s
Taps & Dies
Drill bit set
Flange/Punch tool
Body Hammers
Floor Jack/s
4 Jack Stands
Racing Tape
Pressure Washer
Did I mention a Refrigerator ...

:thumbup: I didn't enter this before but it is a factor.
radiant propane heat & air conditioning..
yes I have it :)

Chopper Builder o<>\o
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superrodder said:
A cute girl in short shorts and a halter top to do your work for you:thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:
Naww. that's probably not a good idea unless the quality of your work isn't important. Just let her bring you drinks and tell you how great you are.:mwink:

Don't forget a sandblaster, ironworker and anvil.
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