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motor swap

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I have a 1986 gmc 2500 350/350 with a rod knock.I have the chance to swap it with a 1996 350/700r4 out of a 4wd blazer.will they swap right out with out modifing the drive line or will the 96 motor bolt right onto the 86 350 turbo tranny?any suggestions would help thanks:confused:
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I dont really know for sure but I would think the crossmembers will be different. I would think you would need different drive shafts (2) assuming you are keeping the 4wd. If your going to be 2wd then you would need a different tail for the transmission since you would be removing the transfer case and a drive shaft.
For the 700 you'll need a different driveshaft and will have to move the crossmember and drill it for the proper mounting location.

thanks for your input,yes im staying with the 2wd --another question will the stock 86 350 turbo bolt up to the 94 engine.I heard somewhere that they changed the bellhousing bolt patterns is this true because if I could just bolt the new engine to the old tranny I'll have it made
your bellhousings will be fine to bolt up. You won't be able to use a 4wd trans in a 2wd truck, though.

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