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Hi guys,

Introducing myself because I'll probably need some help along the journey I'm thinking about taking soon.

I don't actually own a hotrod or streetrod (however there will be one in my garage eventually) but I own a '93 Bronco w/ a 351W I am considering pulling and rebuilding myself. It's been a daily driver for the past 8 years and has about 276K miles on her.

Anyway, I've a lot of top-end mods and repairs over the years but I've rebuilt an engine. If I do this I want to make sure I do it right and build something I can be proud of so that's why I'm joining … For solid advice.

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Then you came to the right site and welcome to Hot Rodders. If you have any specific question, just start thread outlining your concerns and questions under one of the topic headings and I'm sure several of the resident experts will be able to help.

Again, welcome.

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