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mustang 2 or not 2

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i have a 50 ford project that i`m starting real soon but can`t make up my mind. first i`m with out a doubt putting disks on the front with power brakes. i was going to do a ball joint conversion similar to the JAMCO SUSPENTION where they used stock arms for the ford just they modified them to fit screw in ball joints up top and pressins in the lower.except i was gona use gm ball joints and s10 spindles just switch sides so the steering is on the right direction.
but i was wondering if i should just get a mustang 2 front clip or not. as of now i want to keep the flat head in their, would it all work out or would i have to mod oil pan, exhuast, ect.? anyone have any experiance with shoe boxs?
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It would be a lot easier to just get a Mustang II crossmember from Fatman or Heidts than doing a clip.

As a Moderator here ... I want to WELCOME you to :welcome:

A lot of rodders use the Pinto/Mustang II front ends ... but I prefer the Jamco route. But I am more of a traditionalist than a lot of folks ...


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Yeah Deuce :cool:
A friend of mine went with the Jamco coversion on his 50 and was real happy :thumbup:

Initially he was going to have me put a fatman MII under it, but the Jamco guys talked him out of it.

I don't think either of us regret the decision. ( I don't like doing work for friends anyway, it is bad for friendships and businesses, both)

Watch what you do if you start messing around with spindles. The steering arms don't always like being swapped from front to back, it screws around with the ackerman angles. If a new spindle is shorter than stock it can mess up your instant centers and make cornering weird.
I have never looked at the spindles side by side, so I wouldn't know if they do, in fact work right.

Later, mikey
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thanks guys i think i `m gonna use jamcos stuff i looked at it alittle more to day and it`s just to easy not to use their kit. thanks for the help.
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