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I am currently working on an 81 chevy truck. So far I have completly fixed the body and painted it a dark violet pearl. Special thanks to Hamlin Paint and Body in Hamlin, TX, my fathers body shop, for their help in completing this phase of this project. I replaced the 305 engine with a 396 big block bored out to a 408. You name it, I did it to this motor. After the work was done it came out with 525 hp and 565 ftlbs of torque (per Desktop Dyno 2000.) Thanks to Team Hall Racing, Lawton,OK, especially Todd for all his help and donations to the project. Next, I replaced the tranny (for the fourth time) with a custom built unit built by Joe at Southwest Transmission of Lawton, OK. Also, thanks to Joe for the 3000 stall convertor.

Plans in thr future, of course, include rear suspension, MSD ignition, and nitrous.

I am a welder/fabricator by trade and also a sport truck enthusiast. Yes, drag racing is my first motor sport love, though. In my endevour to mix these two sports, I have studied intently on the suspension and have decide to build an airbag/coilover hybrid suspension. Of course, all it takes to further the project is money. I drive the truck every day I can. I love it and so does everyone who sees what it can do, especially considering the stock rear.

I am very open to any suggestions, comments or questions anyone has. I am also willing to help by fabricating custom peices or designing peices for anyone. I tig weld as much of my projects as I can. I believe we can all help each other get our projects along.

Please, If you have questions or need help ASK!

Thanks for reading,
Jay Josey
[email protected]
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