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I was rooting thru a closet the other day, and found a box of pictures that pre-date my current family.

Way back in '93ish, my younger brother's '46 Ford Coupe was finished.
I have no idea how I ended up with this picture, but I thought perhaps some of you would like to see it.

350 4-bolt with (yea,I'll say it) ROOTS type 6-71 blower.
(can hear this car coming a mile away)
Turbo 400
Ford 9inch with a 4-link coilover rear.
A set of one-off Boyds Wheels
Nova front clip.
3-1/2" chop-----car is widened 3'
Hood and decklid are the only panels that retain the original shape.

The little girl is now 19, and the boy is 16----(neice/nephew)
I actually had this car in my possesion for about 4 years while he was travelling about (and going thru ugly divorce proceedings)

As my brother is very hard on engines-----the car is currently on the 3rd
Last time I actually drove the car was in 2001 (2nd motor), it still drove and handled like a new car.

He is still playing hard with the car and it sees a lot of daylight. The only battle-scars it has received in 13yrs of fun, are the rock chips on the rear fenders.

The other pic is of my daily driver when I lived in California. 89-94.
I think I sold it in 93. 65-66 Mustangs were dissappearing by the dozens almost daily in Cal. when I decided to get rid of it. Fun car, but real noisy.
I'm more of a luxury car guy.

289 HiPo solid lifter
Disc Brakes
"C" code mustang-------bench seat-----only one I have ever seen in a 65-66



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