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My name is Jason and I am 20. Live in St.Clair Shores Michigan. First and only serious project is engine/trans swap for my truck which is a 1980(late 79) Chevy C-10. Going from 250 L6 six with 3 on the tree to 350 V8 TH350 All built by myself and a friend or two in my garage. Not looking for too much from the engine just equal horsepower to cubic inch. I want 350 from a 350. I feel I should be close Specs are as follows:

1970 Impala 2 bolt Iron block
Stock crank and Con rods
Speed Pro Forged Dome 10.5 Comp
Comp Cams Magnum 270H
Pete Jackson Gears (Noisy)
Stock Heads no P&P (Comp Cam double springs)
Hi Vol oil Pump with 7Q Moroso Pan
Summit 6.6" Elastomer Race Damper
Weiand Stealth Intake manifold
Thats what I have Installed at the moment. I am pondering stall speeds for converters and I think I will be getting around 2k stall. Carb choice will be Holley Street Avenger 670. I beleive that will be a good balance. But anyway I look forward to learning a whole bunch stuff because even if you think you know everything there is still someone a lot smarter. :evil:

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Welcome to Hotrodders.....Just make yourself at home and enjoy the site. :welcome:
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