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my first boat

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First off Thanks for all the help!! I read this web page daily, I dont answer that often because you guys and gals are right on your answers, or advise. So I keep quiet, But i am here. That why I am going to ask the panel this, I have a 1967 flat bottom, all fiberglass outboard boat That needs a new paint job. Can i use the same teqnique for painting cars, to paint the boat? I would like to also do some ghost grafics. Plus a little heavier add in flakes. Do i need a larger tip or nozzle to do this? I have a sharp squirter.Is the pressures the same, to shoot the flakes evenly? THANKS!
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Yes the tecnique is the same. As for the metallic flakes it all depends on the size of the flakes you use. The larger the flake of course the larger you will hae to set up your gun to spray. Some flakes are so large people have used guns made for other purposes such as spraying ceiling stippling in homes.

I've sprayed various flakes in the past and it is basically the same. You also may have to use an agitator-style gun (air pressure goes into cup to twirl an agitator) depending on flake size as they will sink to bottom of paint cup (borrow from a shop if you won't do a lot of this type work) and as HK says set up to spray heavier or use a bigger tip- don't know about HVLP as I don't use it. As with pearls and lighter flakes watch your pattern to keep flakes consistent.
Thanks for the help. With the extra flakes, is it better to mix with paint or the clear . In my mind, It looks like two different end items. I really would like to do some ghost graffics. It worries me with the flakes, maybe hiding them. Or just play safe and leave them out. The flakes are about small fish scale and are blue to a purple tint, by change of reflection. Thanks!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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