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my first carb rebuild

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well i rebuilt my 4bbl rochestor quadrajet carb last night. it was fairly easy to do, kinda fun. well i installed it on my car today and after playing around with the idle and choke adjustment thing i got it to run half decent.

the problems i got so far is a gas leak in the front, looks like the fitting on the gas ling coming into the car or the 1 inch fitting holding the fuel filter in. i put some sealnt tape on the threads so hopefully that fixes that.

the other problem i got is the idle isnt constant, like i will have the car started and running and at 1100 rpm say in park and 600-700 in gear then after it running for awhile it will go down to like 800 rpm in park and then wen its put into gear the car just stals out.. when its restarted it goes back to 1000-1100 rpm in park. is this normal? somthing i need to adjust?

i have acces to the 2 feul mixture screw on the front bottom of the carb now, i put them all the way in and screwed them out 2 1/2 turns back. in my rebuild kit the manual doesnt say what stock is for the carb. the haynes manual says 2 1/2 - 3 turns to get a basic idea or whatever

the carb is on a 267 and is from a 305 with electric choke.
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sounds like possible faulty choke operation. have u adjusted the floats on the carb? ive had 3 rochesters 2 and 4 barrel. they never seem to run perfect for me but there really cheap. 100 bux at advance rebuilt. i bought a holley street avenger and im loving the ease of adjustment on it.
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