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my mini bike

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hey alll im just wondering if anyone has any advice on how i should build my minibike!! Im 15 and this is my first time building something from the ground up with my own hands!! I stripped it and I am now working on sanding all the parts!!If anyone has any tips or ideas that they would like to share with me i would be more then glad to discuss it :D thanx
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what kind of minibike? got any pictures? i dont konw if i could help you any but it sounds pretty cool
It sounds like you've got a fun project. That's how I started hot rodding, when I was 14 I started building a mini bike, finished it when I was 15. One day I was trying to think of how to give it more power... So I got some high-performance model helicopter fuel (25% nitro) and poured it in! :mwink: The thing ran like a cat with it's tail on fire! Very fun. :D Then I moved up to making a go-cart out of a lawn tractor... but that's another story. ;)

There is a section of this site called "Project Journals", it would be a good way for you to keep a record of your project and share it with others.

Good Luck! :thumbup:
Great fun,some of my fondest memories-wish my kids were young again! Some things we did "back in the day" were to install a torque converter setup- used to take them off of snowmobiles (the friction clutches burned up too quickly for us), lots of neat little motors to put on them-the two cycles really made the minibikes go, if I used a Tecumseh 4 cycle snow-blower type, would make a simple little intake and put on small japanese carbs, used a lot of garage sale motorcycle parts, mufflers,seats,gas tanks and even brakes as well. Some of the snowblower motors would make 12v and would use that to run a headlight/taillight. Remember that the number of teeth on the cogs limit your take off or hi-end speed. We made a chopper with a riding lawnmower tire on the rear-definitely needed a torque converter and big rear cog for that one. Post some pics! Bill :)
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