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Hi everyone :welcome:

My names Brian, and as the title says im from England.
im 19 and ive been brought up with cars and trucks by my dad since i was born.
We have, 5 Mercedes Unimogs, 1 Rokon, 1 Hillman imp, and 3 mercedes g wagons and a few ordinary cars.
All the unimogs are diesels and so are 2 of the g wagons. the rest are petrol.
The imp is the most sporty, it has a chesman 998 cc sport engine with 2 twin 40 carbs. we also have a 1040 cc engine lined up for it, i know its not as beasty as what you will have but it isnt really designed for serious power, more for handling the small twisty british roads, with which it puts competition on many of the modern cars :D

Anyway, although i have been brought up with cars i must admit when it comes to building engines or talking about them i dont know much, the most ive ever stripped an engine is to replace the head. i especially dont know much about v8's, which is exactly what i am planning to use for my project :p

i have a small van which currently has a 1.7 turbo diesel in the front, i plan to get rid of this and stick a blown chevy v8 in the back with a sequential trans axle, this is my first major project that i am going to be undertaking on my own, with some help from my dad. i dont know if you would call it a hotrod, as i plan to keep it looking as standard as possible, obviously there will be some serious rubber on the back axles which might give it away! :D but this was the only website that looked any good that looked like it would answer questions about the best trans axle and engine for my job.

its going to be a while before i start this as i need to find out whats the best kit for the job, then i need to save the money to buy it all!:D

Anyway, im going to take some measurements of the back of the van then start a new thread with a few questions and to explain in more detail how i plan to do this.

great website by the way:)

cheers, Brian

Brian Martin,Freelance adviser
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Welcome Brian, my name is Brian too, I have no idea what these cars look like, any photos?


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Hi Brian, thanks for the welcome.

First of, the imp, not the best pic though, sorry.

I have an uncle who lives in California and he says that some people want these in America because they handle so well.
and a picture of the transaxle, i had to replace this a couple of months ago after we blew it up racing an audi r8 :pain::D 98 mph in 3rd gear and it started wining!

the engine

And the mogs, i actually own a forum for unimogs but i dont know if i can put links up so i wont bother.

our unimog 411, with a wopping 32bhp, it gives a huge 35 mph downhill with the wind behind it!:D

the landmog, a u600 421 with landrover cab which my dad put on before i was born.

this one has the om616 in which produces around 65-70 bhp. origionally it had an om615 which produces 55 bhp and didnt rev as hard either.

unimog u900 406 120

this has a very unique engine in, which my dad had custom built from 2 engines. all i know is it produces 160 bhp and a heck of a lot of torque, put it this way, it doesnt know what hills are!

with our camper body on

unimog u900 406 145
this has an om352 which is fueled up to 110 bhp (originally 80 bhp)

westfalia u411

very much a restoration project, these are rare , this one especialy as its an original british import.

havent got any of the rokon or g wagons on the laptop so i'll have to take some tomorrow :)

Cheers, Brian
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