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Well.. my problem now is i have a saginaw box out of an early 90's f150 that im using for cowl steering and the sector shaft is too short, by about 3 inches. The way it sits now, the end of the shaft is about an inch from the cowl plus i need the splines sticking out for the pitman arm.

So i took the sector shaft to a local fabricator/machinist to see if he could lengthen it. He said he could try but i went to pick up someother parts from him today and said it can be done but he advises against it. The parts are hardened and need to be annealed and just woldnt be stong enough after wards.

I thought after i heard that, since its a saginaw box, find another one with a longer sector shaft.

So does anyone know what would have the longer shaft? I was thinking jeep or 70's chevy truck/car.

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