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I take it you own an automotive interior shop also. I run into the Naughahyde/Vinyl thing all the time, it's just like Kleenex/Tissue. We tend to stick to the higher end materials, we use alot of leather, and use alot of UltraLeather and UltraSuede.

There are some high end alternatives, that are fairly new to the market, that rival the quality of UltraLeather. A company out of Texas, called Interior Supply and Service sells (exclusively I think) OptimaLeather, which is a bit thicker than UltraLeather and looks and feels just the same, and sells for $10 cheaper per yard than UltraLeather. We have used SymphonyUltra in a few cars, and have been pretty happy with it. SymphonyUltra sells for about $20 cheaper than UltraLeather per yard, we buy it from Miami Corp.

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