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Need bucket seats in Houston area

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I need GM bucket seats for a 2 door car. I would like to find some in the Houston area to avoid shipping. black, white, or grey. I am putting them in a 65 Riviera so any GM full size 2 door should work. Camaro, Firebird, Cutlass,....

I know you Hot Rodders must have good sources for bucket seats. Please help!!!!!!!!!
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find a bone yard that has older cars, you will find that the riviera has a different floor pan than any other gm in 63-66 save your original seat tracks to avoid having to fabricate them, you should be able to find what you like.
Hello fellow Houstonian
I was recently in a junk yard in navasota just north of 105 on highway six, looking for my next project and I found a hispanic guy with all kinds oF gm parts. he had a set of 53 chevy coupes one was a four door and the other was a two. I know that these aren't what you are looking for but he has quite a large lot of just about anything!!! I only saw about half his yard while I was there. The place is call Maldinado's I don't have the number right off hand but I can get it if you want!!! this is such a mom and pop place the guy running the joint problably doesn't even know what he has!!!
Well fellas, the reason I want to change my seats is that the 65s are low back buckets. So I worry about head support in a rear end since this is a daily driver.

I have 2 choices:
1. find some 80 or 90s model gm seats and put in. and then worry about the tracks. I could store my original seats.

2. have my current seats redone and modified by extending the back to support my head. Thats about $500. and it ruins the original seats.

Where is that place on HW 105?
I understand your concern about the rearend collision thing, but don't you think you're banking on being hit rather than not?
My son drives a 57 BelAir daily with stock seating. I did install safety belts which he uses religiously as he was taught. Early cars generally look gross with high back late model seats, in my humble opinion.
Enjoy your car without the paranoia of worrying about the bad stuff, when it happens, you'll deal with it.
the guy that I was telling you about earlier has lots of mid 80 to 90 cars with a pretty good selection. But I agree I don;t thnk that it will look right. I saw a 66 satalite with high back seats and they nearly hit the roof.
So you are suggesting that I redo the original seats and had them raised a bit to protect my head. I have neck problems from being rearended years ago in a 69 Catalina. so I am paranoid. I would have to add about 12" to my current seatback.
Wouldn't it be easier and cheaper to install head rests in your original seats? Or for that matter get a late 60's early 70's bucket seat with head rests.

Good luck. I may have to go check out Maldinado's. It's on Hwy6, just north of 105? That is almost smack dab in the middle of Navasota!!!! I've driven by there quite a few times and never seen one there. I have seen the lot farther North on Hwy 6 just past the Chevron station, but never paid much attentions as it only has about 20-30 cars on it.
I will get you the directions to the junk yard tommorow!!! I left the guys card at work. It is pretty simple to get ther if you can make your way to the north side of houston on hwy 6!!! It should be about three to four miles north of the 105 exit. and if you are heading north he is on the left side of hwy 6. But I will get you his number tommorow!!!
steve here i live in texas city go to pick a part in houston off of 610 and the ship channel you can call info for the number they have just about any seat you want i bought some out of a honda for a 49 chevy all of there seats are only 30 dollars a seat they will even give you a warrenty for like 3 dollars if you dont like them you can bring them back well good luck.
Sorry it took so long but here is the number 979 218 4741. pick a part mightbe alot closer but this gut has a few vintage cars that you might be interested in. And I know that he has a lot of cameros and some monte carlos with. have fun and let me know if you need and more info!!!!
If you need bucket seats in the houston area, do you need a bench seat near Lubbock?

sorry, my bad
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