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Hi All,

I am trying to gather info on the Engine serial numbers for Chevy trucks prior to 1954. Here is what I have so far using the sample engine serial number below which I hope to put on the Engine Serial Number Information page.

At this time, I am primarily concerned with the Plant Code and Vehicle Designation

Here is what I have so far...
Year Vehicle Designation Assembly Plants & Code

D 1946
E 1947
F 1948
G 1949
H 1950
J 1951
K 1952
L 1953

Vehicle Designations
A Passenger Car
D Sedan Delivery
E ????

Assembly Plants & Codes
A Tonawanda, NY Regular Engine
C Flint, Michigan **RPO 227A
F ????
M Flint, Michigan Regular Engine
P Tonawanda, NY **RPO 227A
Q ????
R ????
V ????

** with Heavy Duty Clutch

The above image depicts 1951 Passenger Car, regular engine assembled in Flint, Michigan.

Does anyone know what the items with a question mark mean? What other info am I missing?

Thanks :)
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