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Need Help deciding the best head to get.

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hey, i have a 1986 Monte Carlo SS. I completely rebuilt the body when i bought this car. Frame holes and all with the help of my dad. i bought it in the winter so i didn't drive it much. It has a Good wrench 350 (1978). Once i did i put a new distributor (thinks its a GM Performance one), A Q-Jet Rochester 750cfm stage 2 carb, Edelbrock Performer 2101. I started driving it and it smokes at start up. I replaced the Valve seals. Didnt smoke for a week then started smoking again. I pulled off the valve covers and checked the seals the passenger side was fine. The driver side were all cut up. I looked closer and i saw the engine had two different heads. The passenger side numbers are 14014416 with i looked up and seems to be off a 305, and on the driver side was 333882 witch is the stock head. I heard the 882 isnt a good head and isnt seated? I want to make both heads the same and im not sure what heads would be good for my application i have. What heads are good for a 1978 350 that isnt too expensive. or maybe a reman one? Im not too sure what else the engine has in it. It seems some one put steel Crane Cam Rockers on it though. Please help and give advice. :)
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The 416 head has a 58cc chamber, the 882 has a 76cc, that`s knocking it out of balance due to one side has a higher compression ratio than the other.
How much are you looking to spend? If it were mine I would get some basic world products replacement heads as they will bolt up to your current parts. I would recommend Vortec heads, but that would mean you would have to get a intake as well as self aligning rockers and that`s a bit more than your looking to spend. The cheapest route would be to find another 416 casting and replace the 882 with it.
Isnt the 416 off the 305 kinda weak for a 350? im lookin to get more power in the end.i can spend a good amount but id rather not obviously =). What Model world or the vortex would you recommend. As well as rockers? and what not.
As well as the new intake i put on isnt good enough for the vortex heads? or what is the problem with that. Im new to all of this.
PiperDavid14 said:
As well as the new intake i put on isnt good enough for the vortex heads? or what is the problem with that. Im new to all of this.
The Vortec intake/head bolt pattern is different(4 bolts per side and vertical) than the earlier intakes/heads(6 bolts per side and angled).
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