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help!!! i just traded a 327 engine for this trans that i need to rebuild. its very hard too find out what the heck trans i have.its a borg warner t-10 from a 64-65 buick grand sport??
dose anyone have a web sight to decode these early t-10 trans??

the case is iron with an aluminum tailshaft. the case is t10-1B the side cover is t10-148B. the tailshaft is t10K-7 with date of 12-21-64 and where the shifter bolt to (has a total of 8 bolt holes) for different shifters?? and a casting of GS in the middle of the bolt holes.
the input is 10 spline with 3 groves. the output is 27 spline.

please help its hard to i.d these early t10. i want to buy the right parts!!


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