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hi like your site good work .....

i wont to do a new inside for my 1987 4x4 gmc ...

i wont it in red ..too do door panel ...and the dash ..and the floor and roof ....

i wont to put flames in the doors on the roof and dash

under the finish stuff ill put (vinyle or leather ....for the dash and door panel)

but dont no what to use and how to start too do a good job...

im in canada quebec the stuff here is allot of money..

asking u what i should do.. think your the guy for me lol.

and keep this site working helps allot of people to save money kool ..

hope to have good news for me thx and happy new years ..

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Welcome hulk.............I am in Canada too, and you are right, things are much more expensive here. That's why, we just have to do some of the things ourselves to make up for it. Hope we can help you with some of this.

I can tell by your typing that there is probably a language barrier.........don't worry about it. We can still get the idea.
If you are wondering about interior stuff, post in the interior forum. There are a couple of real experts there.
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