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It's a 1986 Firebird.

Oil pressure gauge: With key on, it doesn't blip to max then back to zero. When I start the car it always goes to 60 psi and stays there.

-with IGN on, I can get the needle to max when I disconnect sender wire.
-IGN on and sender wire grounded to negative battery it stays at 0.

Temp gauge: ign on, it never blips to max then back to 100. When I'm letting it warm up in park, I can see the gauge start to move higher a little bit (like it's working fine), then whenever I hit the brakes the needle goes straight to zero.

-can't get gauge to max when sender wire is disconnected.
-gauge stays at the bottom when grounded (100 degrees)

The rest of the gauges work fine.

I don't know what to do next.

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fixed oil pressure gauge with new sending unit.
replaced temperature gauge and all is fixed now.

Thanks for the tips 67Mustang Al.
Your welcome. Glad to be of help.I have had plenty of help on this site. What goes around comes around. Its great when you can fix it yourself. Better to have the cash in your pocket .:thumbup:
I had a case on my Mustang with the fuel gauge, oil pressure gauge and temp gauge all working for 5 minutes on, then 15off, then 5 on, then off again.
AS these gauges are 6v in a 12 volt system i used an electronic 12v to 6v electronic regulator to run 3 gauges. You need 1 electronic reculator per gauge. The reg would heat up and cut out under overload, cool down and then function normally again.
Bootom line; 1 reg per 6v gauge for old Mustangs with 6v gauges.
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