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Hello and thank you in advance for helping with a newly acquired project. I have a 283 engine I purchase to help with a registration issue. Year correct to get title and reg. in CA.
Anyway I was trying to see if this engine was worth putting the work into it may need. I have not been able to find anything on the suffix code.

Cast number 3959532 1956-67 283 (Correct?)
Stamp number S1030XTC
Saginaw plant Oct 30th but can’t find "XTC"
Vin Stamp CL6N22224
Any information would be appreciated.

again Thank youin advance

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It could be a block used in a truck/bus heavy duty-type application- those suffix codes often don't show up in the data bases.

If the block's worth is being based on whether it's going to be desirable to a restorer, the answer is likely not; all the 'Vette and other high performance suffix codes are known and are in the data bases.

But if the block was to be used for a project of some sort where a small displacement engine is wanted, the condition of the block and bores is what really matters. But because it costs the same to machine a 283 block as it does a 350 block, there's just not a lot to recommend it IMHO.
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