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want to replace old 305 in 84 c10, dont know which one to go with, 260 hp or 290 hp.the 290 is about 400 bucks more.will be a daily driver.jegs has free shipping right now.

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Best deal on L31-R Vortec 350 is jegs by far

I just put in one of those L31-R in my 74 chevy stepside man. Just ask if you have any questions about the swap. Ill post a pic of mine in my truck :) Im taking it out for the first time since the swap tomarrow!!!

The L31-R Vortec is by far the way to go. Vortec heads are a verry popular head for budget builders. If you do some head work and a cam swap you can make great power with the vortec engine. Vortec heads, 4 bolt mains, roller camshaft, Higher Compression Ratio of 9.4:1..The 290 HP Crate Engine has lame heads, flat tapped cam, low 8.5:1 compression ratio. Get the Vortec L31-R 3/4 ton heavy duty vesion from Jegs its only like 1829.99$+free shipping and no tax no core charge :) Summit sells the same engine for 2158.95+100$ core charge+shipping. Actually every other place sells it for much more than jegs and they all charge shipping. I have no clue why jegs is so much cheaper.

1986-2000 style block, 4 bolt mains (No Fuel Pump Provision)
1pc rear seal nodular iron crankshaft
Powdered metal connecting rods
Hypereutectic pistons 9.4:1 compression Ratio
Hydraulic roller camshaft: Int Lift .414", Exh Lift .428", Int Duration @.050" 191, Exh Duration @ .050" 196, Lobe Centerline-111
Vortec cylinder heads - 64cc, 1.94'' intake valve, 1.50'' exhaust valve
Also includes: Oil pan, timing cover, valve covers, harmonic balancer
PRICE 1829.99

Horsepower: 290 @ 5100 RPM
Torque: 326 ft/lbs @ 3750 RPM
Max Rec. RPM: 5100 RPM
Compression Ratio: 8.5:1
Heads: Cast Iron 76 cc Chamber - 1.94 Intake valve/1.5 Exhaust valve
Camshaft Lift: .450 Intake /.460 Exhaust
Flat Tappet Duration @ .050" (222°Int/222° Exh)
Lifters: Flat Tappet
Connecting Rods: Powdered Metal
Block: 4-bolt main
Pistons & Pins: Aluminum
Crankshaft: Cast Iron Nodular, 3.480" Stroke
Rocker Arm: 1.5
Ignition Timing: 34° BTDC total advance
Fuel: 87 octane
PRICE 1999.99
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