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Hey folks,

Just found this forum and wanted to introduce myself. My dad and I started building street rods when I was 10 (30 years ago...where does the time go???). Being a couple of poor country boys, we couldn't afford to buy new parts or pay to have work done, so we learned the hard way how to do everything ourselves. If we needed a part that wasn't readily available, we either adapted something else or made a new part from scratch. My older sister was pretty good at sewing so guess who got stuck sewing our interiors :D

Over the years building and showing the cars became something our whole family was a part of and while we don't get to go to as many shows as we used to, when we do go to one it looks like an invasion as there are now four generations involved. My youngest nephew is a pretty good artist so I have started teaching him painting, airbrusing, pinstriping, etc., and his son (who is only three years old) is already wanting to know when he will get a car of his own so it looks like we'll probably be doing this for a long time ;)

Anyway, while we aren't pros by any means, we do everything on our cars ourselves, engines, suspension, interiors, fabrication, paint, etc. You name it we've probably done it at one time or another so hopefully I'll be able to contribute a little and learn a lot here.

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