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Hey folks ive been on the forum for a few weeks now getting advice about my engine and havent made a thread

So yeah im smalltime. The engine i made a thread about is in a 1977 impala coupe. Everything was original until i got my hands on it. It sat in a storage lot behind a trailer park since 2010 and i got it running with a 20 dollar fuel pump and has been daily driven since

so far i changed the :

entire cooling system


transmission (installed myself)

starter motor

Went over the breaks and new master cylinder

9c1 caprice from and rear sway bars (will be redone)

carpet and sound deadening underneath

Mid length headers to a y pipe then 18” glasspacks out pack ( will be redone also )

my goal for the car is aiming to be a grand tourer for the highway. Nice and comfortable, sort of quiet on the inside but fast enough i can get in trouble with and handle decently around swoopy roads.

Thanks for your time

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Welcome from Texas!

Sounds like you're aiming for a schizophrenic luxury car ..... kinda like mine ...haha

However with a set of relatively quiet mufflers and some electric cutouts she can be really really schizophrenic. Check out my website to see how it's done..
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