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I just registered, and it linked me to the introduce yourself forum, so I will introduce myself.:D

First of all, I'm from Sheboygan, WI and am married with 2 sons. I have a 93 Mustang GT with a 302 that is my fun weekend car that I drag race at least a few times a year, mostly at Great Lakes Dragaway in Union Grove, WI. It's run a best of [email protected] this year and a best 60' of 1.57 on drag radial tires with a little nitrous. I've sold the nitrous, and am half way through building a home made turbo project for it using a 2001 7.3L Ford Powerstroke turbo I bought off ebay.:D I am also swapping out my tremec tranny for a C6 which I picked up for a decent price against what most guys are reccomending as they say it's so much heavier and robs much more power than the c4.;) I also started my own website forum about a year ago mostly for any brand of fast car or truck around the midwest area as I got bored of hanging out on mustang only sites, and wanted to meet some new local friends with other types of cars.:D

I just found this site after searching for ideas on building a workbench, and it seemed like a great group of people.:thumbup:

Here is a couple pics of my GT, and a pic of how the turbo is mounted.


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