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Okay I guess it time to introduce myself, since I have browsed this forum for quite a while even before I joined.
I go by "Coop"
I am 51 years old
I live in the Pineywoods of East Texas (yes, Texas does have
Pine Trees, we're not all Mesquite Bushes and Oil Wells).
My current "Toy" is a 78 Chevy Blazer, 2wd and lowered a little.
It did have a very potent 383 in it, that is until I wasted it on a
Japanese Import, but at least I beat him before it blew. Now I
have a 350 on unknown origin just to me from walking to work.
It is my only ride, because I gave my other car to my son at
college when his car gave up. I am planning to replace the motor
with another when time and finances allow.

I have enjoyed this forum, and have not really needed to ask any questions, because so far all of them have been answered already.
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