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Hello everyone,

I've been roaming the boards a few days, lots of good info here. I'm from Findlay Ohio, n/w corner of ohio. I have always been a muscle car guy, but this is my second jump into the '50s. My newest addition is a 1954 Chevrolet 210 Delray. I swapped a 1969 GTO (no engine or tranny) for it, made a great trade IMO. I also have a 1970 Pontiac Lemans Sport, same year and car I took my wife to my high school prom back in '88.
My '54 has a few mods to it, 350 chevy, TH350 trans, not sure about the rear, maybe I'll post a pick to see what it is. One of the previous owners dropped the car a few inches in the front, with new suspension (think its a mustang II, but not sure. The guy I got the car from didn't have much information) and a 3" block in back. Disk breaks, and 2002 caddy interior.
I am a retired Marine, served on the wing side, around the country and world a few times. Me and my better half enjoy going to cruises and car shows. Really looking forward to Woodward Ave. cruise, will be our first time there. Hope to have some chats around the board with ya'll.
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